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Article SEO: the current plan
We will talk about optimizing your article's page for search engines. This material is most suitable for promotion.
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Commercial factors that affect the ranking of online stores and services sites
This is a very detailed look at the relevant commercial factors based on a WebVisor analysis of the behavior of visitors from
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Who doesn't need SEO; how to pick an optimizer, and how to check an optimizer's work
Recently I've been answering a lot of search optimization questions on Toaster. I see on a regular basis that developers
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SEO is a great investment to grow your business

SEO is one of the main ways to bring in traffic online. For commercial projects, it's a vital part of marketing: it means increasing the number of visitors to your site, and therefore increasing your profit.

As a channel to attract visitors, SEO traffic is a great way of diversifying risk. The market can change a lot over time, which means that contextual advertising or advertising platforms like, etc., may cease to be worthwhile; and attracting each new client via SEO costs five times less than via contextual advertising!

Yes, SEO takes time. Yes, with SEO there are no guarantees.

But by working with me you can reduce the risks to a minimum, because you'll be working with a professional who has vast experience, loves what he does, has a portfolio that speaks for itself, and can provide feedback from past and current clients!