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We work in any country of the world in any language

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We work with any websites: Bloomberg, Forbes, Government
websites, etc.

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Unique texts and their placement

Based on neutral and positive search engine results we will create up to 80 unique texts and place them on local and international news resources, private blogs, blogging platforms ( and etc).

Positive pages

Selection of already existing neutral and positive pages in search results for further promotion.


Link profile analysis of negative websites in the top 10 SERPs. Creation of anchor list and link strategy for the promotion of new and existing articles. Buying external links to existing and new pages.

Undesirable sites

Increase negative behavioral factors to undesirable sites in the top 10 of the output.

Desirable articles

Increase positive behavioral factors on desirable articles in SERP

Social media profiles

Creating, filling pages with content and temporarily maintaining profiles on social networks (if it is necessary, it is evaluated in the process). Profiles are created for a fictional character.

All work on the creation of content we take on ourselves. Agreements are possible in a format that is convenient for you.
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We specialize in:

We specialize in those cases where it is impossible to remove information from the search engines by court, or you need to do it faster than the court process.

The work is done by creating and SEO promotion of new publications and pages on various sites, which will replace all the negativity on the first pages of search engines.

This means that all the negativity will go to 3-4 search engine pages.

The cost depends on the country, language and complexity of the task.

To specify the cost we need information about:
  • Icon Directions InfoSearch query
  • Icon Directions InfoCountry we are going to work in
  • Icon Directions InfoExample of negativity in the output

We've been solving negativity-related problems

Search Engine Optimization

Great experience in SEO gives us a huge advantage in dealing with search engine results. We remove unwanted links with the help of all possible tools.

We also work with search cues and image search. We will clean all the output options of irrelevant content, replace negativity with neutral or positive reviews.

Customer feedback


We write an article taking into account personal research, publish it both on the site and in the linkedin

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